Amber Trumps – Benedict

To gear up my guache-colored pencil mixed-media skills, I have set a project for myself: to illustrate the Trumps of Roger Zelazny’s brilliant Amber series. The trumps are magical¬†tarot cards that allowed mental communication between the scions of Amber Sort of magical cell phones mixed with teleporters, envisioned long before cell phones existed. Their power worked through all of Shadow, and even allowed one person to bring the other one through the trump to their location. The Trumps illustrated the Nine Princes and four Princesses of Amber.

First up is Benedict, warrior supreme of Amber. Peerless tactician and master swordsman, his skill at warfare has no equal.

Next up: Bleys.

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6 Responses to “Amber Trumps – Benedict”

  1. Lincoln says:

    Wow! Awesome Bill! I love the expression and casual gesture of these characters. You’ve really captured their personalities and they extend much further than than the written descriptions and I really enjoy seeing that! Are you working right into your sketches our are you transferring or light-tabling somehow?

  2. Bill says:

    I’m using watercolor pencils to do the initial sketch, then going right in with the guache. Color pencil comes in after all the guache colorwork is complete. Thanks, man, I’m really excited about this technique. I still have to find the balance between guache and prismacolor pencil..

    If only I had a light table! Maybe that can be a summer project for me.. a table-top movable light table..

  3. Lincoln says:


    Sir William, If you’ve got a few extra $$$ like say $475 for an online class, you must take The Character Design course by Stephen Silver at! One of the best classes I’ve ever taken and it makes you wonder why in the world CIA’s illustration course didn’t go more into this… This class was made for you , me and Craig…

  4. Lincoln says:

    WOW! Bill these get better and better exponentially! Great job

  5. Christopher says:

    I stumbled across your Corruptor (and it’s truly horrible :D), but I stuck around because of the excellent Amberites. Very nicely done, sir, and I am eager to see the rest of the royals!

  6. Bill says:

    Thanks, Christopher! I have more work to be shared soon.

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