Caine, and a bonus!

Caine has always been the dark brother, the one no one really trusts because he is as likely to stab them in the back as help them. His reputation is well deserved, for the man hunted down a physical double in Sahdow, killed him, framed another brother for the deed, and hid out in Shadow trying to uncover the plot of whoever was behind the Black Road. He showed up in the nick of time to strike a decisive blow against the great betrayer of Amber, but no one trusts him for it.


Next I have a creation I summoned form the nether regions of my head and are one of the major foes of the Play-By-Post game of Amber Diceless Roleplay I am running: The Corruptor.

Crafted to violently possess their foes, they can take over their host’s body for a short while to commit mayhem and destruction on their foes. Not only can they survive out of water, but have amazingly fast mobility for being utterly boneless!


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