Who is Erebus?

Erebus, son to Caine, is a character I am currently playing in a Play-By-Post game of Amber Diceless Roleplaying. Smart-mouthed, irreverent, and largely absent from Amber as a result of some poorly chosen words to a normally congenial uncle. Erebus thought an extended trip through Shadow may improve his chances to live to see another year.

Next will be the hero of the Amber Chronicles (at least in his own eyes) Corwin, self crowned King of Amber. Well, he was for a matter of moments before he was beaten and forced to watch his brother Eric claim the crown and throne.

True story: I really lobbied for Corwin as a possible boy’s name, if my youngest had popped out a boy. Alas, I was gifted with my third girl, sweet Anna. S’okay. We have plenty of girl clothes. :)

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